Shibuya Apartment 201 & The Chalet de La Plage | T8

FIGURE ONE: Shibuya Apartment 201

Due to the site at Millennium Point being quite rigid and industrial, I wanted to focus on interiors that contrasted. Mainly ones that featured materials that were grown rather than mined. 

The Shibuya Apartment features a heavy contrast between warm and harsh materials/finishes, using a mixture of wooden panels and white paint. However the overall use of the Apartment is to relax visitors as it allows them to experience in a way they wouldn't be able to at home.

"Our goal in this design is to provide such special elements in order to increase the excitement and enjoyment for out guests and to let them experience things they never would in a normal home,"

FIGURE TWO: Shibuya Apartment 201

I love this idea of having an interior intended for a special use, where users wouldn't be able to experience it everyday. Many students are able to study from home in the same working environments daily, but I'd love to create a space where the students feel that it's specifically a luxurious space.

FIGURE THREE: Chalet de La Plage

Another space that I found that shows a heavy contrast is The 'Chalet de La Plage'. The exterior features a harsh black finish which is in contradiction to the quiet and remote landscape around it, whereas the interior has a beautiful light and upbeat atmosphere.
FIGURE FOUR: Chalet de La Plage
FIGURE FIVE: Chalet de La Plage

Overall, I love this idea of contrasting the space, as it's bound to change many user's perception of design, space and material finish. 9/10 times many people assume they know how an interior just by judging the exterior, and they persist on keeping this assumption until they finally enter the space. More often than not, the interior exceeds everyone's expectations. Which is the route that I plan on taking with my study pod in Millennium Point.

FIGURE ONE: Hiroyuki Ogawa (2016) 'Shibuya Apartment 201' Available here: Last Accessed: 05/03/17
FIGURE TWO: Hiroyuki Ogawa (2016) 'Shibuya Apartment 201' Available here: Last Accessed: 05/03/17
FIGURE THREE: La Shed Architecture (2015) 'Chalet de La Plage' Available here: Last Accessed: 05/03/17
FIGURE FOUR: La Shed Architecture (2015) 'Chalet de La Plage' Available here: Last Accessed: 05/03/17
FIGURE FIVE: La Shed Architecture (2015) 'Chalet de La Plage' Available here: Last Accessed: 05/03/17