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The Vitra Design Museum is a museum located within Weil Am Rein, Germany. The museum celebrates many different styles and types of design. The main architect was Frank Gehry and the museum is actually the first piece that F.Gehry completed in Europe.

 FIGURE ONE: Vitra Design Museum
FIGURE TWO: Vitra Design Museum 
FIGURE THREE: Vitra Design Museum 
FIGURE FOUR: Vitra Design Museum 
 FIGURE FIVE: Douglas Coupland (2011-20117) Slogans for the 21st Century
FIGURE SIX: Selfies in the Vitra Design Museum 

VIDEO ONE: Rotating Pod
FIGURE SEVEN: Sketch of Rotating Pod

Within the Vitra Museum, there was a robotic pod that was able to rotate either 180degrees vertically or 360degree horizontally all from an application within a smartphone. I really love the idea of being able to control the study pod/area from a smartphone. It's extremely realistic, and with the study pod for Millennium Point being based in 2020, it sounds extremely plausible.

FIGURE EIGHT: Sketch of Lift-Bit

Also within the museum, there were robotic seats that could also be controlled via an application on a smartphone. The Lift-Bit, is able to change rapidly into any type of seating the user(s) needed. It can transform into a bed, sofa, couch etc. 

VIDEO THREE: Björk (1997) All Is Full Of Love

The Artist Björk, created a very controversial music video in 1997, that shows 2 robots being assembled and then sharing intimate kisses. The was video created in order to show the link between non emotional technology and emotional humans. I was extremely fond of this video as it was step in the right direction, and somewhat represents the different ways in which people look at the varying aspects technology can have.

Having visited the Vitra Museum, I definitely want to consider the different types of functions and activities that are needed within my designed studio space. I want there to be a clear function between the users and the technology included. I would also like the users and people entering and experiencing the space to realise that they needn't be scared of technology, but should instead, embrace it, and appreciate the fact that it has come such a long way in the past 100 years and that it can aid humans in many, many ways that weren't even possible 5 years ago, let alone 100 years ago.

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