FIGURE ONE: Millennium Point Sketch

Within this module I was asked to complete a study pod for students that would be based in the year 2020, in any of the following 3 sites:

 - Atrium in the new BCU conservatoire
- Atrium in University House
- Millennium Bridge Atrium 

I've also been asked to keep in mind the future of materials and how the user(s) react(s) to them within the space, and also how technology could potentially change within the following years between now (2017) and 2020.

So for my concept, I wanted to mainly introduce a rotating platform that caters to either 3 or 4 Interior Design students. It provides them with the perfect workspace tailored to their course, featuring amazing storage solutions, and a flexible and highly appropriate working platform.

GARTEN, is a space for Interior Design Students that will provide them with a space to carry out the fundamental university student tasks. Located within the heavily student based site of Millennium Point

FIGURE ONE: Author's Own