Brunner | T2 0.1

I'm fascinated by the mixture of finishes that the user is greeted to when entering Brunner. The main focal point, would be the immediately dark stairs that lead you either to upstairs or downstairs, which is all located directly in front of a very rustic wall. I really am fond of the juxtaposition.
Chairs that are stackable and stack vertically instead of diagonally, ergo creating more space within the interior and therefore allowing the students to complete and do more within the interior.
 Brunner has recently created a very innovative idea of having individual study pods that can be perfect for either students or business work desks. Products similar to the image above, could be featured within my student pod, mainly because the design allows the interior space a whole, to be broken up, whilst also allowing each student to work individually.
Overall, Brunner offered a very realistic approach to dividing space, whilst also making it a sociable working area.

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