Orange Box | T2 0.2

17.02.2017 consisted of taking a trip down to Clerkenwell, London, in order to visit the ORANGE BOX showroom. Inside the showroom, I was shown a mixture of innovative working solutions, for example;

Located on the wall in Orange Box interior, we were greeted with a wall with a finish also know as 'Clear Erase' which allows the user to draw/produce content directly onto wall. It removes the need to purchase a whiteboard for the interior and can definitely make the finished design look really sleek.
 The green colour of these pods would ultimately make the user relaxed within the space and ready to work.
The walls were padded with sound boarding that reduced the acoustics within the space, making there less of an echo present, therefore making the space more bearable.
The materials for the chairs had carefully been considered, which would provide the users with comfort as well as offer a sleek and contemporary design.

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